Stuck Inside of 2012 with the ‘68 Blues Again…

This morning I was catching up with an old friend over coffee.  She was asking me questions about the band’s Kickstarter Campaign, and I was happy to answer them, until the following question came: “SO WHY ARE YOU ASKING FOR HELP? ISN’T THE LABEL PAYING FOR EVERYTHING?”

Well the short answer is “No.”  After that, there are varying degrees of long answers.  I’m guessing you don’t want to hear my opinions on credit-based Capitalism and the similarities between the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement, so I’ll spare you the socioeconomic rant and give you the “a little bit longer than the short answer” answer.

The folks at Palaver really wanted to see me put out another album.  They even said they would pay for the recording and a few other costs.  During this conversation, I let them know that there were many other costs associated with post-production, and that a record doesn’t stand a chance these days if you don’t do these things.  As it turns out, they were aware of these facts already. 

After brainstorming for a while, we decided to turn to Kickstarter to rally the troops and raise some funds for the album.  The donations on Kickstarter are not “investments” in the sense that you guys are expecting “profits” or shares of these “profits”.  You’re pledging money, in exchange for gifts from us, in order to help us achieve our goal of putting out this album that we are so proud of.  This seemed much more righteous and good than a lot of other options. 

I couldn’t see us wining and dining VC’s or angel investors.  I also have trouble envisioning a world where I walk into a bank and ask for $10000 to make a record.

Besides, even if either of those scenarios were possible, they both involve getting into heavy debt.  And I’m not interested in that at all.   Seriously, that shit is for the birds.

So far this little experiment has been going pretty well.  We’re not even 2 weeks into the campaign and we’ve already raised half of our goal.  Those of you who get the message really get it.  But talking to my friend this morning made me aware that a lot of people don’t get it – Some of my closest friends don’t get it.  

Lets spend this next few weeks really spreading the word and letting people know what this thing is all about.  Send them to the website.  Encourage them to listen to the tunes.  You guys obviously believe in this project as much as I do.  Let’s see if we can’t convince just a few more folks to believe in it too.

Take Care and Know that You are Loved,